Thursday, January 12, 2012

A more solid professional skills

Hard-working, life goals, eager to innovate, a sense of responsibility; although knowing the limited capacity, but also trying to tap their own potential for each sub, make things infinitely close to complete untilI only have part-time experience, but I learned very willing to learn. During the school was named "School of the best students.Wedding Cakes Galore " I am hard working, can work quickly to meTakes on Wedding Cakes . I can and soon people around a good relationship, have a strong sense of teamwork. And pay attention to its cultivation and improvement.
A more solid professional skills, proficient use of three-dimensional modeling software and photoshop, Coreldrow, proe,Top Style Details From Real Wedding CAD and other software.In the service provider management, sales, logistics, project management, system requirements and has extensive work experience. .
Good team work spirit;
Good English expression and interpersonal communication skills;
Objectives and strong; the time completion and quality of strict self-requirements.
Character traits: optimistic and positive, with a strong sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for work; in high-intensity work efficiently under pressure to complete work; good interpersonal communication skills, excellent self-learning ability and team spirit, willing to accept the challenge;http://www.bayernforum.comI have a warm personality, get along with others, is hard work-based learning. Their job seriously, patient and careful treatment of their own work. And work hard to learn, improve their ability to work. In view of my extensive work experience, and good with people communication character, hope your company to be considered.
Professional skills and expertiseAmazing Wedding Color Details
QC seven familiar way, 4M1E of the data collection process for quality control and AUDIT; use the P-FMEA, QC drawings of new products for potential failure analysis and clearly defined process requires each process quality control points. Understand SPC, production XR chart, P-CHART map, Plato, pie and other quality reports. Proficiency in Word, Excel, Power point and other OA software. Able to handle unusual problems, and have good communication skills.