Thursday, January 12, 2012

because I respect good quality

I like challenging work, its potential, the constant pursuit of innovation. I am fully competent job candidates, because I respect good quality, strong will, and constantly go beyond the spirit of self! My biggest advantage with a strong learning capacity, energy, tenacity and full of thoughtful, with a positive attitude to face any difficulties.My gentle personality, optimistic, positive, easy to get along with others, so establish good interpersonal relationships; advantage of others with sincerity, keen to help others; but not good to say no, sometimes bring their own problems. Interest is very broad, such as: classical music, travel ... and so on. In addition, I also actively participate in community activities to relieve the pressure usually work, joined the Orchestra as bass trombonist and part-time regiment on the cadres responsible for group business operationsRomantic Wedding Chocolates . In 1998 he entered the company as a dry-type transformer design, sent in 2008 as a transformer factory in Shanghai design and management.I have over 15 years experience in financial accounting, engagedin fast moving consumer goods, automotive, A French Modern Wedding food, manufacturing and other industries, have a more extensive financial experience. Also exposed to foreign trade, process, access and manipulate large of capital, budget management, is an excellent management personnel. Chief Financial Officer or his assistant can do, sales management, foreign trade and other aspects of the work.Professional skills and expertise
Ongoing assessment of senior accountant. Temporary or intermediate accountant. Report in English can be converted.
Can be very skilled use of Excel, Word, especially in Excel, you can create a very large and complex forms, instructions or for the financial matters budget and final accounts, forecasting, analysis, and so on.Has a strong learning ability and resilience to work to play for only two months that the ship began to separate, in one year, the successful completion of a four ship of the project forward.Best Wedding Flowers
Has a strong sense of responsibility and initiative, during the Spring Festival in 2011 alone to promote the play ship's commissioning inspection work to ensure a smooth ship in the first month, seventh day sea trials; trials had eight wind during the night for the case of anchor cable machine inspection, Glogous Wedding Wears for Children case in three waves to rescue boat inspection.
Has some experience in project management and coordination , able to handle unexpected problems related to the owner ship inspection and negotiate in English, with a more solid basis of knowledge of marine machinery, mechanical long-term elf-knowledge.
Skilled in using MS office, CAD, shipmanager, ORCLE other software