Friday, January 13, 2012

Familiar with printing, machining operations and reliability testing

1. English through the CET-4, could read and write good English;
2. Proficient in Office, AutoCAD and other commonly used software Minitab;
3. 6sigma received Green Belt training, the quality of knowledge and proficiency in the use of related technologies dealing with quality issues, such as SPC, FAME, Control Plan, FAI, Cp & Cpk, MSA, making 8D report;
4. Familiar with printing, machining operations and reliability testing, familiar with production management, on-site management of 5S and net operating oom;
5 familiar with ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14000 quality system;
6. Work actively and conscientiously, with some on-site management experience and good teamwork experience, good communication and coordination2 In this year's summer internship in university life and Unique And Stylish Wedding Favors I have been trying to enrich themselves, adhere to the hard work of learning to apply what they have learned in life 3 in the actual practice of cultivating a strong team and spirit of collaboration. 4 open-minded study, carved my bitter earnest, hard-working, working hard.Wedding Wear for Kids
ContactNanjing University undergraduate degree. More than 18 years of finance-related work experience, more than 10 years work experience in accounting firms, large power companies for more than 5 years work experience , 6 years of well-known Hong Kong-listed China Resources Power and China Gas Company subsidiary of experience, proficient in accounting, auditing, tax, economic law, have a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, proficiency in the use of financial accounting software and a variety of office software. Management planning with a strong and independent analysis and problem-solving ability. I am good at learning and innovation to continuously improve the self-improvement , advancing with the times, explore new ideas. China has been a certified public accountant, certified public valuer China, China CTA, Certified Internal AuditorWedding Favor Ideas , Senior Accountant qualification. A construction division has passed the National Examination of project management, engineering, economic, construction regulations and relevant knowledge.I think they have good affinity, and people like to listen and communicate, there is a strong implementation capacity and responsibility, college by working to learn the knowledgeRomantic Wedding Chocolates , I reached a 3.89 GPA , has won a national scholarship and people's Scholarship, and passed the CET, the study, I was careful to students participating in school organizations, debating competitions, as well as singing competitions and other activities, and by some social practice has accumulated a certain amount of work experience, improve and communication skills, but also develop their own sense of team.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

because I respect good quality

I like challenging work, its potential, the constant pursuit of innovation. I am fully competent job candidates, because I respect good quality, strong will, and constantly go beyond the spirit of self! My biggest advantage with a strong learning capacity, energy, tenacity and full of thoughtful, with a positive attitude to face any difficulties.My gentle personality, optimistic, positive, easy to get along with others, so establish good interpersonal relationships; advantage of others with sincerity, keen to help others; but not good to say no, sometimes bring their own problems. Interest is very broad, such as: classical music, travel ... and so on. In addition, I also actively participate in community activities to relieve the pressure usually work, joined the Orchestra as bass trombonist and part-time regiment on the cadres responsible for group business operationsRomantic Wedding Chocolates . In 1998 he entered the company as a dry-type transformer design, sent in 2008 as a transformer factory in Shanghai design and management.I have over 15 years experience in financial accounting, engagedin fast moving consumer goods, automotive, A French Modern Wedding food, manufacturing and other industries, have a more extensive financial experience. Also exposed to foreign trade, process, access and manipulate large of capital, budget management, is an excellent management personnel. Chief Financial Officer or his assistant can do, sales management, foreign trade and other aspects of the work.Professional skills and expertise
Ongoing assessment of senior accountant. Temporary or intermediate accountant. Report in English can be converted.
Can be very skilled use of Excel, Word, especially in Excel, you can create a very large and complex forms, instructions or for the financial matters budget and final accounts, forecasting, analysis, and so on.Has a strong learning ability and resilience to work to play for only two months that the ship began to separate, in one year, the successful completion of a four ship of the project forward.Best Wedding Flowers
Has a strong sense of responsibility and initiative, during the Spring Festival in 2011 alone to promote the play ship's commissioning inspection work to ensure a smooth ship in the first month, seventh day sea trials; trials had eight wind during the night for the case of anchor cable machine inspection, Glogous Wedding Wears for Children case in three waves to rescue boat inspection.
Has some experience in project management and coordination , able to handle unexpected problems related to the owner ship inspection and negotiate in English, with a more solid basis of knowledge of marine machinery, mechanical long-term elf-knowledge.
Skilled in using MS office, CAD, shipmanager, ORCLE other software

A more solid professional skills

Hard-working, life goals, eager to innovate, a sense of responsibility; although knowing the limited capacity, but also trying to tap their own potential for each sub, make things infinitely close to complete untilI only have part-time experience, but I learned very willing to learn. During the school was named "School of the best students.Wedding Cakes Galore " I am hard working, can work quickly to meTakes on Wedding Cakes . I can and soon people around a good relationship, have a strong sense of teamwork. And pay attention to its cultivation and improvement.
A more solid professional skills, proficient use of three-dimensional modeling software and photoshop, Coreldrow, proe,Top Style Details From Real Wedding CAD and other software.In the service provider management, sales, logistics, project management, system requirements and has extensive work experience. .
Good team work spirit;
Good English expression and interpersonal communication skills;
Objectives and strong; the time completion and quality of strict self-requirements.
Character traits: optimistic and positive, with a strong sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for work; in high-intensity work efficiently under pressure to complete work; good interpersonal communication skills, excellent self-learning ability and team spirit, willing to accept the challenge;http://www.bayernforum.comI have a warm personality, get along with others, is hard work-based learning. Their job seriously, patient and careful treatment of their own work. And work hard to learn, improve their ability to work. In view of my extensive work experience, and good with people communication character, hope your company to be considered.
Professional skills and expertiseAmazing Wedding Color Details
QC seven familiar way, 4M1E of the data collection process for quality control and AUDIT; use the P-FMEA, QC drawings of new products for potential failure analysis and clearly defined process requires each process quality control points. Understand SPC, production XR chart, P-CHART map, Plato, pie and other quality reports. Proficiency in Word, Excel, Power point and other OA software. Able to handle unusual problems, and have good communication skills.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

consulting and certification

9 years work experience, 7.5 years in quality field ,3 years as quality manager,1.5 year as production manager, be familiar with Quality Management System, products test technology, and quality control techniques, tools
Fast learner, interpersonal skills, logical mind, initiative, good oral and written English Rich experience in the process prom dressof hazard identification and risk assessment(such as using HAZOP, work risk assessment, cheap lacoste polo shirtsLEC to identify existing and potential hazards).
Rich experience in the whole process of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management system development, consulting and certification.
Rich experience in C-TPAT compliance, onsite security management and security auditing. Over 10 years of working experience in electronics design and global project development(include 2 years oversea working experience); cheap prom dress5+ years global program management experience in consumer electronics; ²
Proficient in analog and digital circuit design and have rich experience in project management in consumer electronics;prom dresses
²Strong learning ability; good leadership;
²Goodpolo shirts command of written and oral English; good team work spirit; be able to work under great pressurehere we go now
where am i?
help me, help you

Can communicate well with Korean managers.

Honest, intelligent, initiative, responsible, time base team worker, I can make contribution to overall suppliar quality management , achievement of company goals and the profitability.
Career Objective:
Focus on the supplier quality management and I will be an expert in this field in 3~5 years
Desired position:lacoste polo shirts supplier/vendor managementNear 5 years experience at Semiconductor. 3 times oversea training.
Join in the whole setup period at company WuXi FAB(C1 8inch,C2 12inch).Have team-work spirit and be Able to work under high pressure Our Team did a lot to Yield stable and production capability up.polo shirts
Languageed hardy trousers: English CET-6ed hardy underwear. Can communicate well with Korean managers.
In charge of Process Technician on job training and job arrange after 2007-09 Promoted.
From 2005 until now,ed hardy hoodiesas company instructor. Introduce TF Metal Process Let us go go gosportshere and where

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Euro Plummets to Four-Year Low

The euro slumped to a four-year low against the dollar on Tuesday as investors balked at a move by Germany to ban certain kinds of bearish trades against stocks and bonds.
Germany's move harkened back to steps taken by financial regulators in the U.S. and world-wide during the financial crisis to limit short-sales—bets that prices will decline—of financial stocks.
Those efforts had only a fleeting positive impact before stocks resumed their declines.
"The market looks at this as another desperate measure...that does nothing to address the long-term issues" related to huge government debt loads, said Matthew Strauss, senior currency strategist at RBC Dominion Securities. "From a currency perspective, the market gave it a thumbs down."
Negative sentiment about the outlook for Europe has intensified in recent days. While some debt-heavy governments, such as those in Portugal and Spain, are taking steps to rein in budget deficits, those moves are likely to result in slower economic growth. In reaction, investors have been selling shares of European banks and the euro.
The euro fell as low as $1.2165 from $1.2384 Monday. The euro has declined 14.7% from the beginning of the year, when it fetched more than $1.43.
The plunge in the euro rippled over into other markets. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had been modestly lower through mid-afternoon but sank to a nearly 150-point loss following the news. The Dow ended the day down 114.88 points, or more than 1%, at 10510.95.Don't cry, smile
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Thai army masses at Bangkok protest site

"We're asking everybody to be ready for a crackdown," anti-government red-shirt leader Nattawut Saikua told Reuters.
Helicopters are hovering over the centre of the city, and gunfire was heard at dawn.
Thailand's government earlier rejected the protesters' offer of mediated talks.
The military made loudspeaker announcements on Wednesday morning, according to local media: "Please leave the site immediately. Officials are about to conduct an operation."
Five days of street clashes between troops and protesters in Bangkok have left 37 people dead and scores injured.
Red-shirt leaders had earlier accepted the offer of fresh talks to be overseen by senior Senate figures.
But the government said the red-shirts had to leave their Bangkok camp before any talks could take place.
Continue reading the main story Map of protest areas in Bangkok In pictures: Street fighters Bangkok clashes: The two sides have been trading increasingly bitter accusations in recent days.
The government accuses hard-liners within the red camp of using women and children as shields. At a news conference on Tuesday the military showed footage of what it said was a protester holding a baby over a barricade.
The red-shirts, meanwhile, accuse government troops of firing indiscriminately on them, although the army said troops were firing live rounds only in self-defence.
Late on Monday, the United Nations called on the protesters to "step back from the brink" and urged the government troops to exercise restraint.
Sporadic violence
On Tuesday, sporadic outbreaks of violence continued, but the BBC's South East Asia correspondent, Rachel Harvey, said that confrontations between troops and demonstrators appeared to be less intense than they once were.RED-SHIRT PROTEST
Continue reading the main story
Protests day-by-day Thai protests: Eyewitness accounts
But several thousand protesters remained inside the barricaded camp in the centre of Bangkok in continued defiance of government demands to leave.
Schools and government offices remained closed, and underground and elevated train services were suspended.
The government has extended the public holiday until Friday to allow more time to resolve the crisis - which has seen gunfire and explosions at a number of sites around the protest camp.
The red-shirts have been protesting in Bangkok since 14 March. They are currently occupying the shopping district, forcing hotels and shops to close and affecting the city's economy.
The protesters are a loose coalition of left-wing activists, democracy campaigners and mainly rural supporters of ousted leader Thaksin Shinawatra, who has lived overseas since he was convicted of conflict of interest.
They are demanding fresh polls because they say the government - which came to power through a parliamentary deal rather than an election - is illegitimate.
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