Friday, January 13, 2012

Familiar with printing, machining operations and reliability testing

1. English through the CET-4, could read and write good English;
2. Proficient in Office, AutoCAD and other commonly used software Minitab;
3. 6sigma received Green Belt training, the quality of knowledge and proficiency in the use of related technologies dealing with quality issues, such as SPC, FAME, Control Plan, FAI, Cp & Cpk, MSA, making 8D report;
4. Familiar with printing, machining operations and reliability testing, familiar with production management, on-site management of 5S and net operating oom;
5 familiar with ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14000 quality system;
6. Work actively and conscientiously, with some on-site management experience and good teamwork experience, good communication and coordination2 In this year's summer internship in university life and Unique And Stylish Wedding Favors I have been trying to enrich themselves, adhere to the hard work of learning to apply what they have learned in life 3 in the actual practice of cultivating a strong team and spirit of collaboration. 4 open-minded study, carved my bitter earnest, hard-working, working hard.Wedding Wear for Kids
ContactNanjing University undergraduate degree. More than 18 years of finance-related work experience, more than 10 years work experience in accounting firms, large power companies for more than 5 years work experience , 6 years of well-known Hong Kong-listed China Resources Power and China Gas Company subsidiary of experience, proficient in accounting, auditing, tax, economic law, have a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, proficiency in the use of financial accounting software and a variety of office software. Management planning with a strong and independent analysis and problem-solving ability. I am good at learning and innovation to continuously improve the self-improvement , advancing with the times, explore new ideas. China has been a certified public accountant, certified public valuer China, China CTA, Certified Internal AuditorWedding Favor Ideas , Senior Accountant qualification. A construction division has passed the National Examination of project management, engineering, economic, construction regulations and relevant knowledge.I think they have good affinity, and people like to listen and communicate, there is a strong implementation capacity and responsibility, college by working to learn the knowledgeRomantic Wedding Chocolates , I reached a 3.89 GPA , has won a national scholarship and people's Scholarship, and passed the CET, the study, I was careful to students participating in school organizations, debating competitions, as well as singing competitions and other activities, and by some social practice has accumulated a certain amount of work experience, improve and communication skills, but also develop their own sense of team.