Monday, April 26, 2010

the casting design

Two-year project management experience, currently serves as project manager for drive axle, the two countries to declare a patent Familiar with the vehicle chassis design, familiar with the project process; Adept in gear design, the bearingsSelection, the casting design;
Work:Presided over the design of loader the flat iron shop for us drive axle,Involved in the preparation of flatbed, roller technology, involved in the design of transmission;Performance:Completed the design of the main reducer; Independently completed 12hot cheap prom dresses the route planning, the preparation process and tooling design;To improve the drive axle wheel reducer structure,So that the assembly efficiency improved chi flat iron store nearly 50%. Participated in the design of gears. 1,Optimizing production and operation process,developing projects, integrating manufacturing execution system (a kind of shop floor system) module function, enhancing production and system operation and service efficacy. 2,Whole project management: including plus size wedding dresses project requirement analysis, project schedule planning, project execution, project close-out, and so on. 1,Designing and building successfully “Production and Marketing Schedule Auto-planning System” 2,Designing and building successfully “Notebook Computer Key-parts wedding gowns dresses Traceability System”3,Designing and building successfully “Motherboard Troubleshooting Assistant System”4,Designing and building successfully “FIS Reporting System”5,Building successfully “Smart new wedding dresses System” 6,Awarded “Shanghai Quality Management”(Shanghai Preeminent Achievement Management):in charge of chapter 6 Measurement, Analysis & Improvement. 7,Designing and executing successfully Campaign“Department KPI Management Optimization” 8,On-going to develop“Intelligent MES System”at present.
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