Sunday, March 14, 2010

WIFI Network Construction

In the telecommunication company, the tasks should be done necessarily by a certain related departments within the limit time, For example, network construction, production system utilization, sales, etc, A lot of project management knowledge is included in those tasks which are complex, scattered, high consumption but with disappointed result, This paper is based on the problems met in the actual cases of telecommunication network construction, We can see how the project management knowledge benefits us.According to the analysis of WIFI network construction, this paper found ways to finish telecom project with project management knowledge, In this way, we can smooth the company internal process, rise the efficiency of resource utilization, make better result than the expectation, We can also combine the project management with company's daily transactions, It will highly improve the management and company competitiveness, It will set up effective process for all kinds of project implement, change the way we work and ignite the revolution of project management mode, Making the members of the project trained in this way, the members will work actively correctly and systematically, It will also improve the executive force, save resource and benefit the company.