Thursday, March 4, 2010


It is a little disappointed that people cannot find such features in our cheap straighteners. The deepest impression about our holidays is to have a big meal and have chi pink dazzle to go shopping or traveling. But all these can’t meet the emotional demand of people. Modern people are contradicted emotionally. On the one hand, people long for independence. They are indifferent to others; on the other hand, everyone needs other’s care and love. The appearance of the foreign festivals just meets people’s requirement. So it is justified that these foreign festivals get popular quickly.The modern society makes people pay much attention to the material things. With the abundance of the chi hair straightener, people still long for the harmonious relationship between people. The need of emotional communication has being urgent. The popularity of the foreign festivals just represents this need. It is not a blind worship of the foreign things in that these foreign festivals give us more chances to express our feelings.