Monday, April 26, 2010

Corresponding sensor

In the process of developing nodes, JN5121-Z01-M01 module which has integrated micro controller and RF components by taking advantage of advanced embedded technology, has been used in the development process of WSN nodes. Corresponding sensor discount wedding gowns interface has been expanded, the connection of ultra-low power consumption quartz tuning fork temperature sensor and humidity sensor SHT11 has been realized. With cheap shoes blog 2010 low cost, low power consumption, self-organization and simply application, wedding dresses 2010 protocol has been adopted for wireless communication. Through collecting and reserving solar energy and vibrating energy from environment, the problem of nodes long power supply has been blog wedding dresses 2010 settled, and energy collection has been realized.At the last of this paper, networking and data collecting has been tested for embedded and ultra-low power consumption wireless sensor network nodes by configuring the testing system. The automation detecting of environment temperature and humidity has been cheap jeans shop achieved, and the communication distance also has been tested. In analysis, the power consumption of ugg boots 2010 wireless sensor network obtain effectively supplement and reducing, the system has the characteristics of small volume, low consumption and stable performance.
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