Sunday, February 7, 2010

Company introduction

Company introduction:
The company is one foreign sole ownership manufacturing and processing enterprise with spectacles, photoelectric product and jewelry processing departments and 1800 staff; over 33000 square meters building area and annual turnover of 0.3 billion RMB.
12 years working in this company, and have ever shouldered as the monitor of the assembly line, chief of the production department, manufacturing manager, materials control manager, HR director, Vice-general manager for factory affairs. Full experience on the production management, quality control, HR management. The following is the working duty and details of each post:

A. Work and duty as Vice-general manager for factory affairs
1. Direct charge on the production work and operation of our factory.
2 Direct lead of the manufacturing department, production control department, quality control department, HR department, general affairs department. Supervise on different departments on their daily work and master problems that existed. Make decision under my authority in time; coordinate the work between different departments.
3. Sign all kinds of documents according to the rights and responsibility table of our company.
4. In charge of weekly and monthly production meeting.
5. Responsible for the whole process from the order to its delivery; mainly focus on guaranteeing the delivery time, increasing the efficiency, decreasing the cost, improving the quality and elevating the management level of our company.

B. Duty as the Production activity control manager
1. Supervise on the manufacturing plan, material sourcing plan and its implementation.
2. Auditing of the sourcing table, outsourcing, order, balancing table.
3. Assessment and authorization of new suppliers’ quality system (manufacturing capability, equipments, delivery time, quality and etc.), guarantee the excellency of the suppliers.
4. Auditing of the delivery time and carry on comprehensive coordination on the delivery of the products.
5. Change or adjust the manufacturing plan and its process.
6. Assist on the work of business, manufacturing, quality control, developing and producing management departments.
7. Supervision on the materials processing and problem solving in time.
8. Analyzing of the statistical data.
9. Products sales process control.
10. Leading and training of the working staff.
11. Implementation of the ISO system, overall working plan and its improvement.

The following work has been done besides my duty in the company.
1. Plan on the construction frame of the company; optimized the management system.
2. Plan and finish the factory management MRP network system.
3. Responsible for the establishment of the Meihao branch.
4. Lead the authorization work of ISO9002 quality management system, and pass the authorization of LRQA.
5. Establish the Shanghai、Beijing office, responsible for the development of the domestic market.
6. In charge of the authorization work from ISO9000 system-1994 version to the 2000 version.
7. Modified and optimized all kinds of management system of our company.
Notes: I have accepted dozens of professional training during my time in Daysun, which covers all kinds of aspects of management.